Training Log Downloads

We have a variety of service dog training downloads to suit your needs: spreadsheet and single-page varieties, both filled-out samples and blank for your use. These service dog training downloads are in multiple file formats for your convenience!

Training log page

Training log page sample (pdf)

Training log page (pdf)

Training log page (Word)

Training log page (Open Office)


Training log spreadsheet sample (pdf)

Starter training log spreadsheet (Excel)

Starter training log spreadsheet (Open Office)

“Create-your-own” example

Filled-out create-your-own training log page sample (pdf)

Blank create-your-own training log sample (pdf)


There are three major categories of training log downloads above: training log page, spreadsheet, and “create-your-own” example. Each major category only contains the very same document, but in different file formats or with filled-out samples, so there are essentially only different versions of three basic documents on this page.


Why there isn’t just one document:

Our training log page can be used for a single day or an individual training session. The spreadsheet is for keeping track of multiple entries in one location. It’s up to you whether to log your progress in a spreadsheet, on single pages, or both.

Since it’s so important to keep track of your training (see the Training Logs page to find out why), we want to be sure you know that keeping track in some format that can reveal progress is more important than using the particular (thorough) log we offer. If ours is too much for you, we highly recommend crafting your own, rather than not keeping track of training at all.

That’s why we’ve included an example of a simpler training log at the end of this service dog training downloads page, as our “create-your-own” example. It was generated by a community member who experiences sensory overload when looking at more complicated versions.

We have provided the sample, filled-out documents and create-your-own example in printable (pdf) versions, and the fillable spreadsheet and single page log are available in multiple formats to enable greater access to users of various software, including software that is available online for free.