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A woman with shorts and a tshirt walks across a city street with a tan Labradoodle. Next to her is a woman in a dress and leggings and her small Japanese Chin.

Journalists reporting on disability are in luck! We created a service dog reporting guide so media professionals (and amateurs) can craft better content. This includes stories on service dogs, assistance dogs, emotional support animals (ESAs), and therapy dogs.

Whether you want to get the service dog terminology straight or avoid harming marginalized communities, our easy-to-read service dog reporting guide has you covered.

text-only version of this guide is linked in this sentence for those who use screenreaders. Our press releases and previous media coverage are on other pages. Contact us for more information or to set up an interview (info [at], (805) 876-4256).

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This reporting guide was designed by our Director of Government Relations, Bradley W. Morris, MA, CPhil. He has served as an expert for federal agencies, been featured in major news outlets, and written opinion pieces for traditional national media and disability-oriented periodicals. As a wheelchair user on PSDP’s Board of Directors, he is a proud disabled disability advocate.