Do you want to add depth and value to your public image or help people with disabilities in a way that involves animals? Accomplish both by sponsoring a unique 501(c)(3) charity called Psychiatric Service Dog Partners.

A medium-sized beagle-like terrier wearing a green bandana touches noses lovingly with a white, middle-aged woman with mostly brown hair with blue highlights, who wears a convention name tag button on her shirt.

Let’s connect! We can save lives and spread joy together.

There are two ways an organization or individual can sponsor PSDP: (1) a general PSDP sponsorship and (2) a particular convention sponsorship. If you want to know why PSDP is a good investment, visit our page on investing in PSDP.

PSDP sponsorship is for 12+ months, while convention sponsorship applies to a particular year’s convention activities and products. Sponsorship may be via monetary donations or through agreed upon goods or services we can use to fulfill our missionContact us to get started!


PSDP Sponsorship

Emerald: 5,000+ USD

Sapphire: 10,000+ USD

Diamond: 20,000+ USD

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized emerald pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized sapphire pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized diamond pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Benefits offered:

• logo/name at bottom of PSDP webpage
• logo/name on corporate sponsorship page
• logo/name on titles for non-convention videos
• individualized post of thanks on social media
• logo/name on display with banner at non-convention outreach activities
• option to renew sponsorship at any level for 13 full calendar months


Convention Sponsorship

Bronze: under 200 USD value (typically reserved only for agreed or requested goods or services)

Silver: 200+ USD

Gold: 800+ USD

Platinum: 2000+ USD

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized bronze pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized silver pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized gold pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners logo in a stylized platinum pattern; dog and human silhouettes touch noses

Benefits offered:

• logo/name on year’s convention page (including logo on year’s convention photo/video pages)
• logo/name in year’s info packet
• logo/name displayed with banner at year’s convention


Click the heading below to read the fine print.

The details/agreement

If you are interested in sponsoring Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (“PSDP”, “us”, or “we” below) or a PSDP convention, we’re excited to partner with you! Please contact us before your donation or when you donate so we can make sure the terms for your particular sponsorship are clear and you can start receiving your benefits as soon as possible.

Nature of donations and sponsors

While monetary donations are fantastic, we also welcome donations of goods or services of particular value that we can use for our charitable purposes. This especially includes transferable travel-related vouchers, which we can use/distribute for either convention scholarships or outreach activities.

A party need not be a corporation in order to sponsor PSDP; private individuals, couples, families, or other groups may also sponsor PSDP. For everyday donation levels more accessible to some individual donors, see our “Giving Groups” page.

If you are sponsoring either in honor of a corporation you do not represent, in the name of another living individual for whom you are not an authorized representative, or in the name of a decedent’s estate for which you are not the administrator, please provide the authorized party’s contact information so we can confirm they are okay with being named for the sponsorship, rather than remaining anonymous.

Sponsorship duration and renewal

The non-convention PSDP sponsorship (or simply, “PSDP sponsorship”) period lasts for at least 12 full calendar months, not to exceed 13 months without renewal. For example, if a party were to become a sponsor by donating as a sponsor on May 14th, 2020 and PSDP were to start providing the listed benefits to the extent possible by May 21st, 2020, the sponsorship and its benefits would last from then until the end of May in 2021 (12 months, 11 days).

A PSDP sponsor may renew their sponsorship at the same or at a different sponsorship level no more than three months before the current sponsorship period expires, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Such a sponsorship renewal would be available at the donation amount published at the time of the renewal donation. The renewal sponsorship would commence at the new sponsorship level (if different) when the previous sponsorship ends. The renewal sponsorship would last for the subsequent 13 full calendar months.

The convention sponsorship period is connected to activities and products associated with a particular year’s convention, rather than a determinate time period. A party may sponsor a convention to be held up to two calendar years away from the current calendar year, in accordance with the donation amounts published at the time of donation. For example, at any time in 2020, a party may sponsor the 2021 PSDP convention or the 2022 PSDP convention and earn the sponsorship level at the corresponding donation amount published at the time of the donation. However, in 2020, a party may not sponsor a PSDP convention in 2023 or beyond.

PSDP advertising your sponsorship

Sponsors who wish to have their logo displayed must provide that logo to PSDP, preferably in a vector format. We prefer that a sponsor grant PSDP explicit permission to use that logo/name in accordance with the sponsorship program details and any associated purposes (such as soliciting sponsorship from other parties), but a sponsor nonetheless grants such permissions when and by providing its logo. Regardless of whether the sponsor provides a logo, sponsorship by default conveys permission to use the sponsor’s name or the authorized name of the sponsor’s choosing (the “named sponsor”), unless PSDP recognizes an explicit sponsor or named sponsor request to remain anonymous. Such a request must be clearly made at or just before the time of donation, or upon PSDP’s request for a named sponsor’s authorization.

You advertising your sponsorship

A (non-convention) PSDP sponsor has permission during its sponsorship period to advertise that it is a sponsor of “PSDP” or “Psychiatric Service Dog Partners”. When a sponsorship period expires without renewal, the sponsor no longer has permission to advertise that it is a PSDP sponsor, but the sponsor may advertise that it was a​ PSDP​ sponsor. The sponsor must not present the past sponsorship in a way that would mislead a reasonable, casual passerby to believe that the sponsorship is current.

A convention sponsor for a particular year’s convention has permission to advertise that it is a convention sponsor of “PSDP” or “Psychiatric Service Dog Partners” for that particular year’s convention. For example, a business might advertise that it is a “Gold-level sponsor of the 2021 PSDP Convention”. If a convention sponsor wishes to advertise that it is a PSDP convention sponsor without specifying the year, the sponsor may do so through the year in which the sponsored convention is held. After that year ends, if the sponsor has not also sponsored a PSDP convention in the next or following year, the sponsor may only use the past-tense or include the sponsored convention year to advertise that the sponsor was a PSDP convention sponsor.

PSDP may provide and grant permission to use its logo or other media for purposes connected to the sponsorship. The terms of any such permission must separately be made explicit before a sponsor is permitted to use PSDP’s logo or media.

Limitation of liability and tax information

In the event of a catastrophic loss to or termination of PSDP that reasonably results in PSDP’s inability to continue providing some or all of the benefits listed at the time of sponsorship, PSDP would be not liable to return any sponsorship donation to the sponsor. However, all 501(c)(3) nonprofits, upon their dissolution, are required to pass along unused assets to another 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

PSDP’s United States Tax ID is 47-3386023. Prospective sponsors in the US may wish to review tax information related to donations on the IRS site: