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Two woman smile at a PSDP info table under a canopy.

Community members Allison and Deanna show initiative and kindheartedness while fundraising to support PSDP’s mission.


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Donate (not just your money!)

For many, one of the easiest ways to help PSDP continue its mission and expand its offerings is by simply donating money. Even if you don’t have a lot to give, a little bit goes a long way in our frugal all-volunteer nonprofit!

Maybe you don’t have disposable income to send our way. Good news: you can make slight adjustments to what you already do and companies like Amazon will send money our way!* Find out more about investing your valuable resources in our mission to promote the public good.



Have you noticed that misinformation about service dogs is shockingly widespread on the web? Or that people out in the world are understandably confused about the rights of those who use service dogs? We can’t get the word out on our own. We really do need to work together if we’re going to create a better world!

Join us to help shape our world with an informed, compassionate heart and a reasoning, engaged brain. We don’t have to leave it in the hands of apathy, ignorance, or fear.



Whether by sponsoring our compelling cause or our heartwarming convention, this is your chance to do more good in the world—and to look good doing it!


USAUSA coalition

Some advocacy initiatives could use a big push from several organizations. That’s when the right tool for the job is a coalition of powerful groups!


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