Want to know the difference between a psychiatric service dog and an emotional support animal (or even more distinct, a psychiatric service dog vs. a therapy dog)? Maybe you want to understand the ADA rights of businesses, or the ADA rights of service dog handlers—including how you can owner-train your dog to mitigate your disability. Whether you’re in the US or another country, we can help you with truly useful answers!

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This is the place for answers to your questions about service dogs and psychiatric service dogs. Set yourself up for success: Those with disabilities can learn how to use your unique criteria to pick the best breed and individual as a service dog prospect. Family, friends, and the public can learn the basics about service dogs. Professionals can find targeted resources and expert consultation available to address your specific situation.

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Find the solution you’re looking for by exploring our extensive and ever-growing information trove. If you might be on a journey toward becoming a psychiatric service dog user, before you take another step on this path we strongly urge you to first consider whether a service dog is the right long-term commitment for your needs, and if your answer is at least “maybe”, then look into how our free peer guidance group might work for you as a priceless source of tailored advice and convenient community.

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Discover why we’re considered authoritative and life-savingly helpful by delving or dipping into the navigation bar topics anchored atop every page, or just start with one of the popular links on this page. If you’re socially savvy, follow psychiatric service dog developments through our tiny social media icons at the top or bottom of the page. If you crave justice, see how you can get involved with an advocacy issue. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us—we love hearing from you!


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