Press Releases

Here we collect PSDP’s press releases, available for public use with attribution.


Top service dog advocates fight Canada

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, July 6, 2017—Followers of the cute and cuddly probably know a service dog is a special animal, trained to help a person with a disability. […] With service dog use on the rise, some North Americans have been concerned that things could get out of control. […] Enter the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). […] The result has disability rights advocates wondering why the agency didn’t first ask the question of whether there should even be such a standard. [FULL PRESS RELEASE]


Service dog advocates react to Delta dog bite

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, June 6, 2017—Recent reports indicate a passenger on a Delta flight was badly bitten by a 50-pound emotional support dog. […] The training and experience expected of service dogs, including psychiatric service dogs, provides some assurance of safety to the public. Although individual emotional support dogs may happen to be safe, their background does not give the same assurance as a service dog’s. [FULL PRESS RELEASE]


Wall Street Journal has questions about flight laws, PSDP has answers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, May 2017—When Wall Street Journal columnist Scott McCartney set out to write a story on the much-anticipated update to the USDOT’s laws on service animal flight access, he interviewed Brad Morris of the nonprofit Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (PSDP). […] Now the full interview is available as the inside scoop on a leading peer-based service dog group’s perspective on what needs to change with these US laws. [FULL PRESS RELEASE]