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A red Golden Retriever looks at the camera with a big smile on her face. She is wearing a red vest with a blurry green park in the background.

We have expert resources on service dogs, assistance dogs, emotional support animals (ESAs), and therapy dogs. We designed these resources to help lawmakers and their constituents write or revise service dog laws.

For information and resources geared to click with all interested parties, visit our service dog Laws FAQ.

For help with service dog lawmaking—whether you are a lawmaker or an advocate—view our eight-page Lawmaking guide on service dogs. A text-only version of this guide is linked in this sentence for those who use screenreaders.

First page of lawmaking guide: service dogs

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This lawmaking guide was designed by our Director of Government Relations, Bradley W. Morris, MA, CPhil. He has served on USDOT regulatory committees, consulted with USDOJ by invitation, and assisted with expert witnessing in federal cases. As a wheelchair user on PSDP’s Board of Directors, he is a proud disabled disability advocate.