Service dog meetups

Five service dogs, their handlers (two in wheelchairs), and a few dogless people hang out and talk outside of a hotel.


Much of the joy and learning in our lives comes from social outings with other service dog users of all kinds. Sometimes it’s hard to find each other, so we’ve created a system that makes it a lot easier to find new friends and build stronger bridges in the broader service dog community.


Who can join in?

This meetup system is made for any disabled person in the service dog community. That includes people who have, will have, or have had service dogs—or service dogs in training—of any type. Mini-horse handlers are welcome to participate, too! Handlers who are minors must have their parent or guardian fill out this form as well as be responsible for contacting others to arrange meetups.

Note: A service dog is trained to do work or tasks for its disabled handler, and to reliably behave well in no-pets places.


How can I participate?

Step 1: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to submit your information.

Step 2: When you want to find people near you, send an email to including your name, the email address you submitted originally, and the state(s)/province(s) where you want a list of info from.

Step 3: Set up a meetup with the information provided, and make friends!


What are the expectations? How can I stay safe?

Any time you meet with a stranger from the internet, there are risks (see the fine print below the form!). We advise sharing social media or other information to help prove that the person is who they say they are. Meet in public places, at times of the day when there will be other people around. Make sure to tell friends or family where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and when to expect you back.

All dogs attending these meetups are expected to be non-aggressive, and you should expect any aggressive behavior to result in being removed from this listing.

We recommend that these meetups be used for the humans to socialize, not as a doggy playdate. Generally, service dog handlers don’t allow their dogs to meet while working.

If you follow this advice, you’re more likely to be able to relax and have an amazing time!


The fine print: use of personal information, safety agreement, liability waiver

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners and its agents (“PSDP”) will only use the personal information gained through the service dog meetup system (“the system”) above for the purpose of facilitating the system, in accordance with the stated intent and guidelines. This information may be used in perpetuity to facilitate the system. If you wish to update or remove your information, email PSDP at the email address above.

By using this service dog meetup system, you agree to the above paragraph and to the following: you are using the system only for the intended purpose; any dog or person in your party is safe to be around other service dog teams; PSDP may remove and/or bar you from the system at its discretion; PSDP makes no representation that PSDP screens other participants in the system in any way; you waive PSDP from any and all liability associated with the system, whether it involves the system’s database or in-person events; your use of information gained from the system and any resulting online or in-person social interactions are entirely your responsibility and at your own risk; PSDP reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without notice; if one part of these terms and conditions is not legally valid in a jurisdiction, the other parts remain in force as applicable.