Service Dog FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Looking for a good service dog FAQ? You’ve found it!

PSDP answers common questions in the categories below (except that “Ask an Attorney” contains answers written for PSDP by a disability rights lawyer). These service dog FAQ answers are given in the context of United States laws, unless otherwise noted.

To get the answers to the most basic common questions, see our 2015 PSDP Frequently Asked Questions Flyer (in a printable pdf version; also in Spanish/Español), or the other starter documents listed below the FAQ categories, created for use at exhibitions with the general public.

 FAQ categories




Choosing a Service Dog Prospect




Training—Beyond Basics


Ask an expert (attorney, dog trainer)


There are many answers in these FAQ sections that contain links to resources for those who would like to know more. Some of these links are to external websites, for which PSDP is not responsible.

 Starter/Exhibition Documents


2016 Helping & Resources Sheet

This two-page printable (pdf) document features “What resources does PSDP have to help me?” on one side of the sheet and “How can I help PSDP’s mission?” on the other.

2016 Appropriateness & Rights Sheet

This two-page printable (pdf) document features “Is a service dog right for me (or someone I know)?” on one side of the sheet and “What are the rights and responsibilities of service dog users?” on the other.