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Allison & Mikayla are overjoyed when people help PSDP—a little bit of love goes a long way with our group!

If you prefer to have more control over your donation method, here’s information on the three easy ways to donate to PSDP (apart from micro-donations or employer-matched automatic deductions). Click the entries below to reveal the details.

1. By check—just use your bank's billpay

Either write and mail a check from your checkbook, or have your bank’s billpay system do it for you (free of charge with most banks). This easy option is popular among our steady supporters making recurring donations. You can make payments to “PSDP” at:


2. Plain old PayPal—instant and easy

The regular PayPal route (also at the top of this page) may charge us a small fee, but it accepts standard payment methods without requiring you to have a PayPal account and we get instant notice of your involvement. If you like knowing your cause is supported right away, this option is for you!

Technical note: PayPal’s button may not work if you try to open the page in a new tab/window.

3. PayPal Giving Fund—no fee for us

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This way to give uses your PayPal account, which can send money directly from your bank or credit/debit card. It’s easy and free to make an account if you don’t have one. Without fees, this method is the PayPal equivalent of using your bank’s billpay (avoiding the postal service). Please note that we don’t get any info from PayPal Giving Fund about your contribution until the end of the following month—but we love it when you want to contact us or use social media sooner to spread the word about your involvement!



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We want you to be an informed investor in the public good, whether you’re giving to PSDP or any other great cause. Below we introduce donation-related topics and programs, including Giving Groups, Investing in PSDP, More ways to help, & Brad’s Question.

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Why donate to PSDP?

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a Platinum early adopter on GuideStar, and consistently Top-Rated on GreatNonprofits, so you can rest assured your tax-deductible donation makes the world a better place. Any amount to support your cause makes a difference.

Recurring/monthly donations and (surprisingly widespread) employer matching programs are especially helpful in keeping the PSDP engine fueled and firing. Matching donations are an easy way to double your gift in five minutes. (When you confirm your employer matches (just ask!), they may want our Tax ID: 47-3386023.)

Information on PSDP’s financial responsibility and soundness is available through our page on investing in PSDP and our Platinum-level GuideStar report on GuideStar’s website.

The real reason to donate comes when you hear reviews of PSDP like the one at the bottom of this page, inspiring generous answers to Brad’s Question.


Would you give me some direction about the giving levels at which my peers are helping PSDP grow?

Sure! You’re welcome to join in our growth with your peers at the level that fits you best below. Learn more about being part of a giving group on our giving groups page!

If you’re interested in higher-level corporate or individual giving—with advanced benefits—see our sponsorship information.

PSDP Giving Group levels

Where do *you* fit in?

special designations
Best in Breed: repeat givers in a year
Best in Group: automatic/recurring gifts

If you're an *all-volunteer*, *nonprofit* organization, how do you invest my hard-earned money?

Smart question! If you’re asking it, we would love for you to hear a genuine answer on our Investing in PSDP page. You can also see summaries of some of our accomplishments each year on our Priorities survey pages.


Beside giving money, how can I help PSDP raise the funds it needs to help people?

We love it when you want to do more!

Apart from joining a giving group with a donation, you can take a peek at the super-easy ways to send money our way through the things you already do! It’s easier than you think to find more ways to help (follow that link!) through discount codes and PSDP merchandise.

We also love it when you take a bit of time to write a review of our group. This can really encourage others to give with gusto! Find us on Great Nonprofits (the “Yelp” of nonprofits) to let others know what you think about what we’re doing.


What *is* Brad's Question?
Brad would be happy you asked!

Brad delightedly smiles at your curiosity!He shares a bit of his story and why he’s given so much of himself to PSDP on the Brad’s Question page. There the question awaits you, with an entertainingly insightful read along the way!


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