People and dogs stand and sit in a wide aisle of a grocery store around a woman with a small dog who is explaining something to the small group.

After you learn about the basics in our FAQ and Getting started sections, here’s where you can find specifics on service dog training tips and resources. This part of our site debuted in January of 2021. Check back later for more exciting entries we have planned!


Finding a service dog trainer

How to find a service dog trainer. Dr. Veronica Morris dispels myths and walks you through the options for future service dog users who don’t get a service dog from a program.


How to train a service dog anxiety alert/response

One of the most common training questions we get is about help with anxiety. Dr. Morris’s advice in this article actually applies to many sorts of alert/response training needs!


Service dog training for the flying context

Start training for flying early, slowly, and in harmony with your other training. This article gives how-tos for three aspects of service dog training for flying contexts, complete with many pictures and videos.


Training logs

Find sample training logs, blank training logs, and why it’s so important to keep a training log on this page.


PSDP’s site contains advice meant to be used along with the assistance of a professional dog trainer. Please use caution and train responsibly—you are the one liable for any intended or unintended effects of your training!