2022 Convention

Long Beach, California

April 29–May 2, 2022

Several service dog teams are lined up outside a mall entrance.

 New friends await you!


Our 2022 convention will be in the coastal city of Long Beach, California. This gorgeous area beckons our community members from all over! The Long Beach Airport (LGB) is the closest airport, but the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is also an option for more direct flight options and the John Wayne Airport is close as well.

The convention will take place over four days: the last two days of April and the first two days of May. There are no guarantees when it comes to the pandemic, but we’re hoping our continued vigilance and science-based health guidelines will enable us to have another safe convention.

We’ll be trying out the Courtyard by Marriott (Long Beach Airport) for our convention (this is not the Long Beach Downtown location). The hotel is within a very close walking distance of a variety of eateries and a shopping center called the Long Beach Exchange. The Long Beach Exchange has many more tantalizing restaurants and practical delights, including PetSmart and Whole Foods.

Plan to arrive by Friday, April 29th for the welcome meeting that night (attendance expected) and to leave no earlier than Monday, May 2nd. This year we’ll have an optional tourism day visiting the Long Beach shoreline area on Monday, so you might want to leave Monday night or Tuesday morning.


Registration closes on April 1st. Details are on the 2022 Convention Registration page.

Scholarship applications are due January 21st.

Info packet

Our info packet has much of what you want to know about the convention, plus the policies you need to know about if you’re considering joining us.

The 2022 convention info packet is linked in this sentence. Its details are subject to change, but we expect everything to be settled.

We have a strong incentive to eat outside when eating together, so we can stay safe during the pandemic. To make this easier, volunteer Deanna has created a spreadsheet with info about local restaurants in both PDF and xlsx formats:  Long Beach restaurants PDF / Long Beach restaurants xlsx.


Two women sit on the floor with their service dogs.  One is a Brussels Griffon, and the other a black labradoodle.

Convention-goers are free to relax or engage as we train, learn, and socialize

What’s it like? Are there pictures?

PSDP conventions are times to network with service dog handlers through workshops, training, support, and a lot of fun! The 2022 convention pictures are linked in this sentence.

For more of a taste of what they’re like, enjoy the quotations below and find more pictures on the pages of previous conventions.

Health guidelines

We will continue to monitor and follow CDC guidance and local requirements, and the following guidelines are subject to change. Respect one another. Masks are required indoors. Negative rapid COVID test required Friday at the convention (provided). Full COVID vaccination is required (in LA this means two weeks after at least: 2 Pfizer, 2 Moderna, or 1 J&J—some local places may still be requiring vaccination cards for entry). Anyone who is feeling unwell should expect to isolate/visit urgent care. We plan to have room ventilation/air circulation as much as we’re able, to maximize the air change per hour. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you plan to bring hand sanitizer, please remember our policy against using scented products.

By respecting one another’s health in these ways and taking all due precautions, we strive to have the safest convention we can.



A long-haired plush dog sits and looks at the camera against a red heart background.We’re accepting convention sponsors through April 1st for 2022 and we’d love to have you partner with us. If you have a donation of goods or services, volunteers like Deanna Thompson—our Goodie Bag Guru—await you with a warm heart and a smiling face.

Everyone is also welcome to join a cute cause and sponsor “Solo and Indi” for $25 in support of convention sponsorships. Come on board in whatever way(s) suit you—it’s rewarding and easy!

Platinum sponsor:

Graphic with text. Ruffled oxblood border with a large red heart, text overlaid. Text: In memory of Gabriel, a great soul who assisted his partner for 8 wonderful years and let us see how truly remarkable a service dog can be.

In memory of Gabriel

Gold sponsor:

A dressed-up man and young woman embrace at a restaurant table as they smile for a picture.

In honor of the Efthimiou family

Bronze sponsors:

California Fish Grill text logo CalmWave Productions logo: all within a circle, purple script name rounded on top of beach wave picture with white wave lines edited into the sand. Modern Dog text logo Logo with circular text around a dog paw; "Port Fishington Pets at SF Creations". Starbucks green and white stylized crowned siren logo UPS logo, which is a brown shield with a gold or bronze border and the letters "ups" in lowercase in the same color. Logo with text. Logo is a green-outlined black circle with connected letters V and E inside in white. Text: Vital Essentials Purely raw. Instinctively healthy.

California Fish Grill (Long Beach), CalmWave Productions, Modern Dog, Port Fishington Pets at SF Creations, Starbucks (Long Beach, Lakewood & Cover), Starbucks (Santa Rosa, Guerneville & Fulton), The UPS Store (Santa Rosa, Fulton Road), Vital Essentials


A woman sitting in a wheelchair with a Japanese Chin on her lap is being pushed by a person with a sable Standard Poodle

Our tails are wagging, we’re looking forward to seeing each other so much!

Our 2021 convention was rated 4.86 / 5 overall by convention-goers! Our previous attendees had the following to pass along to those considering joining us at future conventions:

Going to the convention was amazing! I was able to see old friends and make new ones. I felt entirely supported and loved, and my dog had a great time, too.

Absolutely amazing. If I can only go to one event each year, I need this convention to get that feeling of being at home among my chosen family. The memories of the latest convention and the anticipation of the next both help me get through the rest of the year!

Was very nervous about going to our first convention, and thought of cancelling, but so glad I pushed through my fears and went. I made some great friends and was glad to have the opportunity to train around and with other SDs. I hope to attend many more conventions!

If anyone out there with a PSD or wanting a PSD feels alone or like there is no one that understands or that can relate to them and the way they live or the way they feel and think, come to a PSDP convention and you will find the people that you have been looking for your whole life. That is how it as for me.

The portion that stood out to me personally was being able to associate and speak with members of my community. Everyone understood to some degree where everyone else was coming from in their problems and triumphs. I felt so at home when I allowed myself to relax.

I look forward to conventions all year long!

PSDP has been an important resource in my service dog journey. Being able to actually meet everyone that have helped me so much over the years was life changing. The convention has helped me feel less alone and more connected with those in my circle. I have expanded my world just a little bit more because of PSDP and the convention has helped confirm that.

I have never been so far away from home yet felt so at home before. This is the best gift I could ever give myself and my service dog.