2022 convention pictures

This page contains pictures of our 2022 convention in Long Beach, California. The pictures are divided into sections based on the activity, and all pictures have alt-text.

Starting out

Join us as we get started on our convention adventure! We started with pandemic safety measures and a puppy shower for an expecting community member. Many volunteers helped set up the tables, which included lots of goodies for the attendees!

Meeting room sessions

The meeting room was a large open space where people could spread out and relax with their dogs. We had several circle discussions where everyone participated and shared their experiences and thoughts about particular service dog topics.


Some of our attendees posed for a group photo, while others took more intimate (and fun!) portraits during social hour.

Out and about together

A big part of our conventions involve walking around town to go to restaurants and shops, and eating together (which was all outside this year for pandemic safety).


Taking a Public Access Test or Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation always feels like a big deal! Luckily our testers are experts at keeping everyone calm and the testing low-key. Testing started out on the meeting room, then proceeded around the hotel, the parking lot, a grocery store, and finally ended with a meal on a patio outside of a food court.

Social shopping

We had a group outing to TJ Maxx. People had fun shopping for dog supplies and even clothing for themselves! Mostly though, we just had a good time being out together.


This year, due to an abundance of raffle prizes and a smaller-than-normal group of attendees able to stay till the last session, everyone brought home a prize!

Shoreline Village

This year was our first year adding a “tourism day” onto the end of the convention! While only five people and five dogs attended, we still had a great time! We went to the Shoreline Village, which is a boardwalk-style shopping area right next to the marina. A couple of us even took a roll to a local beach!

Wet and mild

The hotel had a great pool and hot tub. For the hangers-on, this was a perfect place to relax and unwind after the convention. Of course, only the humans got to get in the water!

Fiery friendships

The fairy lights and fire tables lit our evening the last night we were there. Sitting around the glowing fire and chatting with our chosen family was such a pleasant way to wrap up a heartwarming convention.