Out to lunch with service dog teams

We embedded Out to lunch with service dog teams below. This under-four-minute film serves as an excellent employee training video for restaurant staff members and others, and covers the etiquette basics for service dog users.

We’ve also added the text used in the video for our community members who are blind or low-vision, since the bulk of the information is in text form without narration.

The video text is just below in printable (PDF) form, and below that on this page.

PSDP Out to lunch with service dog teams text

This document was prepared for our community members who are blind or low vision, so they can enjoy the messages in Psychiatric Service Dog Partners’ 2017 video:

Out to lunch with service dog teams

* How does it look when a group of service dog teams goes out to eat?

(short video clip in which around 15 service dog teams are shown having a good time eating and laughing in a pizza restaurant. Their service dogs are all well-behaved and well-positioned.)

* Etiquette for service dog teams

> Service dog position

• below the table

• not on a seat

• not blocking a walkway

• on the floor or in a lap

– notice the small dogs in laps in the following clip

(video clip of slow-motion zoom on two of the restaurant patrons, each with a small black and white Japanese Chin service dog in their laps.)

> Handler behavior

• don’t feed/water the dog from table

• don’t order for the dog

• don’t let the dog lick the floor or eat crumbs

• keep your dog with a handler at all times

• remove a misbehaving dog

* Etiquette for businesses

• welcome service dog teams like any other customer, but allow extra room

• service dogs do not have to wear identifying gear

• if in doubt, ask

(1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and

(2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

• don’t request any documentation for the dog

• don’t require that the dog demonstrate its work or task

• don’t ask about the nature of the person’s disability

• don’t segregate service dog teams from other patrons

…service dog teams are allowed in buffet lines

• don’t offer food for the dog

• don’t solicit attention from the dog

• please have disruptive or destructive dogs removed—it’s your legal right and responsibility!

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• consult with Psychiatric Service Dog Partners and our resources at


• find more legal information about service dogs in the US through


Thanks to all of our video participants at the 2017 PSDP Convention!


Bradley W. Morris, MA, CPhil


Bradley W. Morris, MA, CPhil

Veronica Morris, PhD

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