More ways to help

While we welcome donations, there are other easy ways to help raise the funds PSDP needs to spread hope. Please incorporate one or more into your life to make a mounting difference in the world. Options like Goodshop save you money and send money our way!



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Goodsearch and Goodshop, just like AmazonSmile, create a little magic by using what you already do to funnel money to your chosen charity.* Goodsearch is a Yahoo!-powered search engine that donates a penny to PSDP for each of your searches. What’s really rewarding is you get to watch those pennies pile up as you see how your online addiction is a good thing after all! You can also watch the total for PSDP go up from all our community members’ searches.

To create some good in the world, head over to and click “Find a cause to support >>” toward the top. Choose “Psychiatric Service Dog Partners”, sign up for your Goodsearch/Goodshop account, and start collecting coinage for your cause! Don’t forget to set up Goodsearch as your default search engine so you can fundraise without fuss.

In the first full month PSDP was on Goodsearch, community members’ everyday searches earned us $11.60!


Click to start with Goodshop!

Goodshop uses all those times you’re looking to get a deal online, and through seller sorcery, not only gives us a bit of the your purchase price, but finds you those important discount codes.

Goodshop grants you online coupons for places like Petco, Target, and Apple, and so many others that it’s always a good place to start your shopping—or at least visit before you complete your checkout. Just provide your prospective purchase place and they’ll deliver the discounts (absent the alliteration).

In the second full month PSDP was on Goodshop, community members saved money using Goodshop discount codes and earned us $22.08!

***Goodshop is our best way you can passively fundraise! Please maximize how much it counts by taking advantage of the referral program (and other program updates) on our Goodshop page!***


Deanna smiles for your support! Meanwhile, Maxwell relaxes while remaining ready to work.

Deanna smiles for your support! Meanwhile, Maxwell relaxes well while remaining ready to work.

AmazonSmile is simple—it’s still Amazon, but you get there through the button below (or just, where you can designate Psychiatric Service Dog Partners as your charity of choice).* If you buy anything from Amazon that’s not a subscription, PSDP gets money from Amazon. We both win!

It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and the interface and products are all the same. This is such an easy thing to do, because all you have to do after you designate “Psychiatric Service Dog Partners” as your recipient the first time you go there is start any future shopping at rather than Start your Amazon shopping with a smile!


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Giving Assistant is like Goodshop. Grab an account with them if you can use their coupon codes to save money, and PSDP gets a donation.


Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Psychiatric Service Dog Partners


To show your support for PSDP through some excellent merchandise, head over to and check out the PSDP products! offers PSDP merchandise for humans and canines so you can show everyone your PSDPride! Pupparel generously chooses to donate to PSDP because they love us, and the feeling’s mutual.


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* Amazon and the Amazon logo and AmazonSmile and the AmazonSmile logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. With respect to each relevant trademark holder, the same goes for any other company we may mention or whose logo we may use, such as Yahoo!, Facebook, or Twitter.