Don't bad-shop—Goodshop!

Don’t bad-shop—Goodshop!

It’s so easy to raise money.

You don’t have to be rich or particularly adventurous to increase your investment in the public good. Do you shop online? Do you like to easily save money? Then you can increase PSDP’s power to help by goodshopping.

You sign up today, then whenever you’re starting your shopping just goodshop the store’s name and violà! You’re presented with coupon codes and a clickthrough link to reach the store. You save money, PSDP gets money, and everyone’s happy!

You can make PSDP $10 the first time you goodshop.

In addition to the usual amount we receive through your goodshopping, if you sign up through a referral (a link is below!), Goodshop will donate $10 to us the first time you use Goodshop to make a $25 purchase. This kind of opportunity is huge for us!

Here’s Brad’s referral link, in case you haven’t gotten one from another friend (be sure to refer your friends and family, too!):

Note that while Amazon* is on Goodshop, shopping with Amazon won’t net this $10 bonus. There are tons of other popular stores on Goodshop, though, so it’s likely wherever else you shop will be listed!

Use Goodshop to support Your Cause

Believe. Join in. It works!

We first were on Goodshop & Goodsearch for three full months at the end of their fiscal year, and our community’s activities through these places earned us a $46.86 donation during that time. Community members saved money, they got money sent our way. Nice.

When we all partner together and incorporate generosity into our daily lives, we’re stronger together. So answer Brad’s Question by joining one of our partners for the public good: Goodshop— “The Most Powerful Coupons on Earth”.


*Amazon and the Amazon logo and AmazonSmile and the AmazonSmile logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon’s fine print necessitates ours!