Linden & Iris

Linden & Iris in grassWhen I found the list group for service dogs for psychiatric disabilities, I logged into a group of people who had massive amounts of collective training experience as well as a restful understanding of the challenges of living with a psychiatric disability.

I live with bipolar disorder I with psychotic episodes and PTSD. I was able to owner-train my SD [service dog] Iris to mitigate the multiple, disabling symptoms of my condition with the advice of the people on the PSDP list group and local training resources.

I haven’t had a major episode in years. I believe being partnered with my SD has made a difference in my health, as well as my ability to get out into the world day to day. I have met many of the list group members at a convention or an SD meet-up, and have made solid friendships that have brightened my life.


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