Alicia & Hunka and Tella

Alicia & Tella

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners has been an incredible resource and support in starting with my second service dog. Especially living in Montana, where I don’t run into too many service dog teams, knowing that there is credible support has meant the world to me.

I went from never owning a dog to having a dog that partnered with me as a therapy animal and subsequently my first service dog. At the time I only knew the very basics about service dogs (do not distract, make eye contact, or talk with a service dog). Now I’ve owner trained 2 dogs into service and am currently researching breed choices for my third service dog.

The camaraderie, combined with intelligent and educated support from the listserv members, helps me to feel less isolated and more confident when out and about with my service dog(s). The listserv allows me to post a question and get a clearer picture of what to do (or not do) next.

When I’ve been able to participate in the annual conferences I’m able to gauge how my canine partners and I are doing in our partnership. PSDP has made me a better partner for my service dogs and given me the confidence to know my rights.


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