2017 Priorities Survey

The 2017 Priorities Survey ran September 13th through September 27th. It’s no longer available, so we’ll fill you in on how PSDP worked toward our goals between the 2016 and 2017 surveys.

Our 2016 Priorities Survey helped steer PSDP’s resources in directions important to our community. In line with community members’ priorities in the 2016 results, by 9/13/17 we:

• updated our online peer guidance group to serve the individualized needs of 214 members (down from 271 last year, after an extensive “Summer Cleaning” and list migration—was 173 in 2015). We reached the technical limits of our old host and had to find a new host that could meet our active community’s demands!

• expanded our website to have over 160 pages (from 130 last year), with almost 600,000 pageviews and over 300,000 visitors. Our site had an average Google search position of 1–2.0 for 1125 different search queries (from 357 last year).

• hosted a convivial convention in Rock Hill, SC, with an average session rating of 4.836 out of 5 (up from 4.741 last year) and comments like:

PSDP Convention is a great way to grow as a service dog team. Yes, I was nervous going but the benefits sure outweighed the challenges of my MI. Everyone was so welcoming and understanding.

• advocated with community help on many fronts. PSDP has become more involved with international advocacy, encouraging Canada to do the right thing by service dog users. This involvement includes engaging the USAUSA coalition to put the power of other organizations behind causes we care about.Brad poses with another nonprofit volunteer in front of water bottles to be sent to disaster victims

• partnered with other groups to provide relief to those affected by major hurricanes

• started a project to encourage service-dog-related art therapy through social media (#PSDPrompt)

Thanks so much to our community for your input and other help in getting us so far!