Service Dog Memes

Welcome to a fun PSDP project where you can get creative and help us spread positive service dog messages!

SD Lap Dog MemeYou may have heard of memes—these are most often sent around the web in the form of an eye-catching picture with some funny, witty, or profound text laid on top (see any social media site for neverending examples…). Well, we want your memes!

We want you to come up with original memes that fit in with our image, mission, and message. Think about what *positive* image and text you can put together that show what PSDP or responsible service dog handling is all about. If you aren’t tech-savvy, feel free to work with others in the community by coming up with clever suggestions that you think would work well if someone else could create them.


submitted by Nick & TankaWhen making your meme, think about what makes people share memes. Cute, interesting, or otherwise eye-catching pictures are a must. You don’t have to shock people, but you do have to get their attention. Try not to cross over the border into offensive!

Second, you have to make them think or feel something strongly. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel like they’ve just witnessed some clever insight that is worth passing on to others.

In the medium of memes, it doesn’t all have to be serious (but no snark or meanness, please)! And feel free to showcase your talents—if you can draw/paint/design, don’t restrict yourself to normal pictures.

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2015 submissions

2020 submissions

Thank you so much to all our community contributors!

When we run a meme contest 

A maximum of four submissions are allowed per person, and each must be your creation. We don’t post clearly mean-spirited or harmful entries and you should know that multiple similar entries dilute your chances for votes, so focus on quality over quantity.

Email memes in .jpg format to info [at] psych [dot] dog (that’s an English version; translate for computers first). Submitting a meme means you grant PSDP a non-exclusive right to the content in perpetuity, to be used or modified in whatever way we think is appropriate. Please don’t try to put PSDP’s logo in your meme and don’t submit anything you don’t want the world to see.

Original submissions only; don’t steal other people’s photos, text content, or violate copyright law. Try to keep it positive—there’s enough negativity on the web already!