2020 Submissions

Our community’s original memes for our July 2020 contest are all below! Community members voted for their top three and polling ended August 8th, 2020. The winners are as follows:

1st place: Allison B., meme G

2nd place: Heather W., meme P

3rd place (tie): Brianna D., meme C and Jennifer S., meme J

Cartoon man gesturing at butterfly. Man is labeled "my veterinarian", butterfly is labeled "my SDIT", and the line at the bottom says "Is this an emotional support animal?"

— A —

On the left, a hand holds an Uno game card that says "Stop spending money on cool gear for your SD or draw 25". On the right, a man labeled "Me" sits at a table holding about 25 Uno cards.

— B —

1. Comic boss tells employees "We need ideas on how to keep fake service dogs out of our store!" 2. Employees offer three ideas: "Just kick them all out!", "Allow any dog that's wearing a vest!", and "Ask if the dog helps the handler with a disability and what tasks the dog is trained to perform". 3. Boss looks angrily at third employee and employee appears to be thrown out of window.

— C —

Man labeled "me" walks with woman labeled "my wallet", who looks at him with disgust as he looks backward at another woman who passed by and is labeled "more cool gear for my SD".

— D —

White woman with long brown wears a respiratory mask in galaxy fabric pattern that matching the vest of the small dog she's hugging and looking at. The white and black dog is licking its smushed nose. In a heart outline, the text says "how to lick a pandemic, don't mask your love!" The "a" in "mask" is a masked face emoji and the "o" in "love is a dog face emoji. There is a thin, glowing white inset frame on the picture.

— E —

Black and white photo of a dog on a couch, wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar. Text says "My Mom Teaches HS Math, Of course we both have problems".

— F —

White woman with short, dark hair stands with hands outstretched to a Golden Retriever in a vest.  The dog sits up with its paws outstretched up to the woman's hands. Text says "Why walk through life alone when together we can dance?".

— G —

Purple background with party popper graphic and picture of a small, white, fluffy dog on grass looking up. Text says "We salute all essential workers! Thank you for your service and sacrifice during this difficult time. You are our heroes every day!".

— H —

Black and white picture of a white woman on a couch holding a small white and black dog to her chest and looking sad. Text says "Being grounded by your parents: awful. Being grounded by your service dog: AWESOME!".

— I —

White woman smiles and hugs a gray plush dog wearing a green Psychiatric Service Dog Partners bandana. Text says, "Psychiatric service dogs: when "fuzzy" logic works well."

— J —

Black labradoodle in a black and turquoise vest and head halter lies on the floor. Text says "PT  SD [exclamation mark]".

— K —

Malamute lying behind legs at a kiosk. Text says "When concentrating on my pin# is more important than worrying: My service dog has my back!".

— L —

Malamute lying behind white man at a Bank of America ATM. Text says "When my pin# needs to be more important than watching my back: service dog!".

— M —

In front of legs clad in red stands a small white and black dog with a smushed face in a purple coat. Text says "A depression story with a happy ending? Yes, if the end is the wagging tail of a service dog!".

— N —

Three service dog teams stand in a three-sided stainless steel relief area in an airport, with a small dog pooping and its handler giving a thumb up and a big smile. Text says "A service dog's gotta poop where a service dog can poop!".

— O —

A black and white pittie wearing a purple service dog vest sits outside in profile, head turned to the camera and mouth open in a pleasantly relaxed look. Text says "I'm happy on the inside and outside".

— P —

A black and white pittie lies sleeping on a couch with a tan French Bulldog. Text says "I don't alway take naps, but when I do, I prefer Dos Doggies".

— Q —

Closeup of a black pittie's face. Text says "I'm ready for the Zoom meeting! Wait, how do I unmute?".

— R —

Closeup of a black pittie's face. Text says "Is this a Zoom meeting? I'm too tired to have the zoomies right now."

— S —