List Rules

These are the PSDP list rules, designed to keep our listserv discussions safe and cordial.

1. Respect one another in your communications, as well as the online community.

2. While PSDP encourages the discussion of mental health topics, the list is not to be used as a resource for emergencies (human or canine). In the event of a medical or mental health emergency, please seek help from an appropriate crisis resource.

3. Respect others’ disabilities by placing ‘trigger warnings’ on any post with potentially upsetting or harmful themes.

4. At least 80% of posting should be about service dogs, which can include discussing mental illness or disabilities as they relate to service dogs.

5. Please refrain from posting material you did not write yourself.

6. No discussion of religion, politics, or use of vulgar language (curse words). No graphic descriptions of violence.

7. No attachments or embedded pictures. Please limit your use of emojis.

To share pictures, include a link to an offsite photo page instead. When posting a link, provide a detailed explanation of what the person will read or see. We do this in order to prevent triggering our members and using up their expensive data.

8. No using of the list to advertise, fundraise, or sell products or services. The list must not be used to help transfer particular dogs, whether money is involved or not. It is generally okay to recommend relevant products or services when you have nothing to gain by it.

9. No gathering of personal information or data.

10. No posting of petitions or off-list support efforts without pre-approval from the moderators.

11. List messages are private. You may only share things posted here if you have the written consent of the author.

12. Moderators are the only members who can close a discussion or thread. Closed threads or discussions will remain closed. (Do not open them under another similar topic).

The Peer Guidance Group (list) is not the place to give or seek expert medical or veterinary advice, but most friendly conversations on the topic are fine. PSDP encourages individuals to seek professional care when in doubt. PSDP moderators may restrict this topic on the list, but in no case will PSDP or its agents be held responsible for any result either of a restriction or of a list member following or not following any advice given on the list.

In general, rule-breaking is uncommon on this listserv. However, if a list member breaks one of the PSDP list rules, they receive a reminder, then a warning upon subsequent rule-breaking, then time off the list, and finally the person is unsubscribed. This process may be accelerated if the situation demands it, but with the positive and inclusive attitude of the community, egregious rule-breaking is happily rare.

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