The galleries below showcase the studio portrait sessions of the 2021 Psychiatric Service Dog Partners convention. Our other (non-studio) convention pictures are divided into part 1 (covering Friday night and Saturday) and part 2 (Sunday).

Our own Brad Morris (on Instagram as half of @disableddoublet) treated convention-goers to these photo shoots, where people and dogs unleashed their inner model! There are many selections from the sessions here so the models could choose what they like. If you are featured in a portrait and would like a higher-quality version, contact Brad or Veronica.

The descriptions below are Brad’s impressions of the subjects, offered as his own narrative interpretation of the photo shoots and the pictures that resulted. The background is black with a diffused spot of colored light on it, which continuously changed color throughout each session.


Kate & Louis

Kate with Louis the black and white pittie are an interesting pair. Kate is outgoing and happy to go along with acting out scenarios thrown at her. Louis is not standoffish, but is reserved. He may not always get where Kate is coming from, but he will be there for her and embrace Kate as she embraces life.


Christi & Gabriella

Gabby is an energetic black and gray Labradoodle who loves Christi’s attention. She (Gabby) is a great nexus for Christi’s own energy, bringing her love and delight and allowing the rest of the world to become quieter and impart less of its chaos.


Veronica & Hestia

Veronica is definitely the brains of this pairing with her white and black Japanese Chin Hestia, but don’t let Hestia’s odd looks and cascading tail fool you. Hestia brings a glow to Veronica’s life that she would be in the dark without. As their matching galaxy-patterned outfits suggest, this team is out of this world!


Skyler & Korra

Korra the sable Standard Poodle clearly brings so much joy to Skyler’s life, and Skyler does the same for Korra. As a Poodle, Korra is happiest with a job to do, but beyond that, she’s eager to please Skyler. Skyler is young, but is beyond her years as a trainer. These team members’ needs and capabilities are a wonderful match and it’s a pleasure to watch them live this out.


Karin & Callie Mae

Karin is a quiet helper with a warm soul that you appreciate more and more as you spend time with her. Callie Mae the smooth-coated Brussels Griffon is a curiosity of social magnetism that effortlessly attracts attention, both due to her cuteness and her demeanor.

Callie Mae is intangibly bonded with Karin (and tangibly bonded with her foot by sitting on it when at rest!), yet is accustomed to enduring the gasps and phone cameos that go with her celebrity. It seems Karin doesn’t mind the opportunity to share in folks’ delight upon seeing Callie Mae. This team is a pair of hot coals whose closeness helps each other keep burning bright in the world.


Ileana & Rocky

Ileana has a big personality, and German Shepherd mix Rocky is along for the ride. Ileana may be shouting across the room about something Rocky knows-not-what, but Rocky is still there for a cuddle. Rocky just wants Ileana to be happy, and in their quiet moments at home, they find themselves relaxing and just melting into each other as the noise of the world fades away.


Misha and Emily & Lulu

This young family of immigrants is finding their dynamic, and the convention helped them work toward that. Misha is a very caring and helpful partner, often handling Emily’s happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever Lulu. Emily is quiet in large groups, but very kind and a delight when you leave space for her to be herself.

Training and handling Lulu is a great way for Emily to integrate herself into her community. Lulu may have a lot of energy to get out before being ready for a training session, but finding the right balance of who does which amount of exercise and training for Lulu will make this trio absolutely golden!



Scarlet uses forearm crutches some of the time and a manual wheelchair at others. They hope to get another service dog in the future, but find community at the PSDP convention regardless.

Scarlet is game for trying all sorts of photo direction, but expect to get a laugh between each one! Scarlet has a “chill” effervescence and really enjoyed posing with Korra and then with Hestia. Happily a disability advocate, Scarlet’s all-black attire included a shirt that says “The Future Is Accessible”.