Sponsor Apollo

A tiny plush Doberman wearing a vest sits on a wooden deck looking up expectantly at the camera, ears raised outward as if ready for a hug, with a colorful ball at its feet.

Apollo is waiting to love you

Do you want a more cuddly way to help out with convention funding than traditional sponsorship? Are you not Daddy Warbucks, but you have a little money to give to help community members get scholarships for life-changing experiences?

Sponsoring Apollo may be just the thing for you!

Halfway in profile, a tiny plush Doberman wearing a vest sits on a wooden deck looking up expectantly to the left with a colorful ball at its feet. A basil plant stretches across a house's siding in the background.

Apollo is looking for friends—do you want to be Apollo’s friend?

Apollo will be finding a forever home with a lucky raffle winner at the convention.

Sponsoring Apollo for $25 is not a raffle entry, but it means your name will be on a placard next to Apollo at the convention and read aloud in sincere appreciation of your support for our scholarship recipients (or you can choose to list your initials, “Anonymous”, or in honor/memory of a someone/somedog).

A small white and black dog sniffs the butt of a tiny, sitting plush Doberman wearing a red vest. The vest is labeled "service dog" and a colorful ball lies in front of the plush dog that is in profile.

Hestia can vouch for Apollo

Does this smell like something you can get behind?

From the back, a tiny plush Doberman sits and wears a red vest with "service dog" labels on each side. The vest is not just thin cloth, but is structured and has a D-ring on the back.


If this all measures up for you, donate $25 by August 27, 2021 and be part of the heart-warming fuzzies!


A tiny plush Doberman wearing a red service dog vest sits in profile on a wooden deck next to a steel ruler. Apollo's head rises to around 11 inches.

Apollo knows your heart is beyond measure <3 <3 <3


To be perfectly clear…

Sponsoring Apollo is not buying Apollo or a raffle entry to win Apollo. This is a fun way for our community to show support for fellow community members by raising funds for scholarships to get them there. If you have any questions, please contact us!