Service dog pics 2019

These are our community’s 2019 service dog photos. You can read the fun captions on the thumbnail pictures, or click on a thumbnail picture to enter a larger “lightbox” pop-out series you can click through (or tap or use keypad arrows to navigate). Enjoy!

Accessibility note: Alt text has been added for those using screenreaders (thanks to those community members who contributed descriptions!). The captions contain different info—often names and context—and are not visible in the lightbox pop-out.


A red golden retriever and a grey and white kitty snuggle on a bed.

Ruby the dog and Camille the cat snuggle up.

A short haired woman wearing a blue lacy shirt holds both paws of a red golden retriever wearing a green vest with a light blue background.

Ruby is Allison’s favorite dancing partner!

Two red golden retrievers lay on grass with green bushes behind them. One has a very white face.  They are both smiling and looking at the camera.

Trixie the old pro is the white faced Golden, and Ruby is her successor.

A red Golden Retriever looks at the camera with a big smile on her face. She is wearing a red vest with a blurry green park in the background.

Ruby is proud to serve.

Man with short brown hair stands next to Temple Grandin in a movie theater. Black and white Amiercan Shepherd service dog looks at camera.

Avery and Bela meet Temple Grandin!

Man with hat, glasses, and walking pole sits on high-speed train next to black and white American Shepherd service dog.

Avery and Bela are off on an adventure.

Black, white, and brown fluffy American Shepherd service dog sits next to pier railing overlooking the sea, smiling at the camera.

Bela loves the seaside!

Autumn outdoor photo of a smiling middle aged woman, with shoulder length graying hair, and glasses in a grey tshirt and pants, and a black shoulder sling, sitting on a boulder, with a black golden doodle standing in front of her.

Christi and Gabby enjoy their first Autumn together.

Smiling middle aged woman in a car, wearing a black coat and multi colored headband, with longish brown hair and glasses, with a black golden doodle with a brown mustache putting her head on the woman's shoulder.

Best pals Christi and Gabby travel the country together!

Smiling middle aged woman sitting on a brown couch, with longish brown hair, glasses, in a grey t-shirt and black pants, holding a graudation certificate from Canine Campus with a black golden doodle sitting in front of her with a teal leash.

Gabby graduated and Christi is so excited!

Smiling woman in silver shirt holds two alert Miniature Pinschers in her lap.

Deanna is well served by her Miniature Pinschers Maxwell Smart and Jaxon.

Max, a mixed breed service dog, watches fish swim behind glass at the Birch Aquarium. Max is up on his hind legs warning a cammo gear bag and blue bandana. He is standing next to his handler Devin. She is wearing black pants and a grey tank top with a grey backpack on her back

Max is amazed at the differences between fish and dogs!

Service animal Max, a mixed breed dog, poses on a set of boulders with a dropped leash. He is sporting an orange bandana and a smile on his face, practicing his stay as other dogs walk by in Kit Carson Park.

Max has climbed his way to success!

Max, a mixed breed dog, posing in a hidden heroes photo booth. He is wearing a dark blue bandana and a camo vest

Max is a not so hidden hero.

Black Dutch Shepherd poses in front of a statue honoring military working dogs at Lackland AFB.

Dash admires the military dogs in this statue!

Black Dutch Shepherd in front of a military themed quilt.

Dash poses in front of a quilt, knowing his mom is a talented quilt maker.

Black Dutch Shepherd in front of a miniature railroad.  The cars are about the same size as the dog.

Dash wants to go for a ride!

Elaine, an older woman, sits holding her violin underneath huge shade trees while Yvie, a Sheltie, looks for passing squirrels.

Elaine and Yvie take a break at fiddle camp.

A woman is snowshoeing with her labradoodle in Park City, Utah.

Sasha is always up for new adventures with Hannah.

A labradoodle meets Pluto at Disney world.  The dog has her chin on Pluto’s nose as she looks into Pluto’s eyes.

You’re my hero!

A woman kayaks with her labradoodle in an inflatable kayak on the Colorado River in Utah.

Hannah and Sasha push the boundaries of exploration.

A black Pit Bull mix wears a purple lycra bodysuit and a purple vest while lying on the floor in a hospital.

Phoenix shows off her bodysuit that makes hospital visits to sensitive wards possible.

A black Pit Bull mix wearing a purple vest lies across her handler's lap at a hockey game.

Phoenix likes hockey!

Slushie, a gray and white husky plushie, sits sideways, showing off a dark green PSDP bandana, which is far too big for him and covers him like a coat down to his tail!

Slushie the doggy model.

Perseus, an English Cream golden retriever, looks up at the camera with a smile from between two feet. He is in a Service Dog in Training vest and two backs are close to his face, one in a sports jersey.

Perseus also enjoys a good sporting event.

Perseus, an English Cream golden retriever, lays sprawled on his back and asleep on the cushions of a dark brown couch.

A service dog’s gotta nap sometimes!

Perseus, an English Cream golden retriever, stares at the camera with a smile. He's in the arms of Jenny, a white woman with brown hair who is looking down at him with a small smile.

Perseus and Jenny make an awesome team.

Jack, a Pointer who is mostly white with ticking and some small patches of rust color, gazes over to his human partner (out of photo) through his soft hazel eyes.

Jack is all eyes for his handler.

Callie, a small red smooth-coated Brussels Griffon, sits on a garden wall next to a statue of Dumbo, with Cinderellas’s castle in the background, at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Callie shows that even the smallest dogs can be their own fairy tale.

Callie, a small red smooth-coated Brussels Griffon, sits on stone steps looking back toward the camera. Callie is wearing a maroon and pink service dog vest with a Stitch patch, and a grey hands-free leash is coiled next to her on the step.

Callie poses for her photo shoot that belongs in a magazine.

Husky/Malamute mix with one brown eye and one blue eye lies on a wooden floor and looks into the camera.

Oscar is a pro at hanging around.

Husky/Malamute mix sits in front of a red car, his yellow "in training" leash slide popping against the blue sky.

Oscar knows he’s drop dead gorgeous!

A sandy colored, long-haired chihuahua, with big brown eyes weas a blue and white striped bow tie. This is his graduation photo from his Intermediate Dog Training class.

Beau is a perfect gentleman.

Melanie, an average height person with neck length brown hair, poses in her green winter coat and yellow scarf with her service dogs Jacob and Winston in Montreal. Jacob, a black and white border collie, is wearing a purple vest. Winston, a dark brown and white border collie, is wearing a blue vest. Jacob is laying on the brick laid ground looking at the camera as Winston is standing in front of Melanie peering over Jacob's head. Melanie's service dogs are attached to her with over the body leashes with each black leash crisscrossed over her body.

Jacob and Winston love Montreal.

A red Vizsla in a purple vest lies on the floor, looking up at the camera.

Onyx proves red and purple go perfectly together!

A Doberman sleeps in a pile of pillows on a couch.

Link takes a well deserved rest.

A Doberman lies on the ground next to their handler who is sitting on a high stool at a coffee shop.

Link wonders where his coffee is.

Shot from the handler's point of view, a Doberman lies on her chest during a dental exam.

Link provides pressure therapy at the dentist.

An older Border Collie lies on a brown couch.

Minnie chills out.

A Border Collie sits next to a man in a black graduation robe with a yellow sash holding his diploma.

Patrick and Minnie graduate with a degree in Community Health Care.

Closeup of old Border Collie in sunlit woods.

Minnie enjoys her time off in the woods.

Brown Labradoodle sits and looks into the camera intently.

Phoenix is ready for anything. Especially sitting and looking at you!

Debut, a silvery black standard poodle sits in front of a pet food aisle. He is recently groomed, with shaved ears, feet, and face, and is wearing a purple bandana

Debut wonders if all this food is for him?!

Debut, a scruffy silvery black standard poodle sleeps with his head on Sarah's, a pale skinned woman with short pink hair in a grey t-shirt, shoulder.

Debut is always looking over Sarah’s shoulder.

Debut, A scruffy blue-ish black standard poodle sits facing the camera in front of kitchen cabinets. Hanging from his collar are three fake roses, one orange and yellow rose, one made from dried palmetto leaves, and one red leather with a green stem

Debut is all prettied up.

A woman in a green shirt and a tan pit bull mix pose in a slot canyon in Southern Utah.

Juliette and Sherine are deeply in love.

A tan pit bull mix smiles at Crater Lake.

Juliette wants to go for a swim!

Taro, a seven year-old blue American Pit Bull Terrier, sits on a metal sculpture at a California university campus. She's dressed in her working harness: an orange Sleepypod Clickit Terrain harness and a pink fall coat underneath.

Taro is a masterpiece of a statue!

Taro, a seven year-old blue American Pit Bull Terrier, balances a cute deer ornament on her head during an office Holiday party. She's dressed in her pink winter coat, her orange working harness, and a cheerful scrunchie-collar with jingle bells sewn onto it.

Taro is in the holiday spirit. Or under it.

Despite being a search and rescue washout, Taro, a seven year-old blue American Pit Bull Terrier, still enjoys roaming the coastal landscapes of southern California. Here she is trotting through some mild brush with a foggy background of hills. She's dressed in her cold weather pink coat and orange working harness.

Despite being a search and rescue washout, Taro still enjoys roaming the coastal landscapes of Southern California

Mystique, a black and white Boston Terrier, wears a purple vest and lays at her handlers feet looking up.

Mystique proves good service dogs can come in small packages.

Tracey, a fat woman with short hair in a purple shirt and a purple cast on her arm, sits in a passenger seat in a replica of an old plane. She holds Mystique, a 16lb Boston Terrier in her arms.

Tracey and Mystique make a beautiful pair.

Travis, a man with a beard in a striped white shirt and denim shorts and a navy ball cap sits in a white rocking chair while petting his service dog, Finn, an English Cream Golden Retriever, who has a red, white, and blue bandana around his neck. They are sitting together on their front porch on the Fourth of July, ready to go to a barbecue.

Travis and Finn are ready for a 4th of July BBQ!

A small white and black Japanese Chin with a smushed nose lies on a woman's lap as she has her teeth cleaned.

Hestia relaxes as Veronica’s teeth are worked on.

A woman with brown curly hair wearing a green and red dress stands in a bus holding onto a pole.  Standing on the floor next to her is a small Japanese Chin wearing a red vest.  In the background a giant Great Pyrenees mix lies on the floor of the bus.

Veronica and Hestia challenge themselves by standing as the bus is moving!

A woman with shorts and a tshirt walks across a city street with a tan Labradoodle.  Next to her is a woman in a dress and leggings and her small Japanese Chin.

Hannah with Sasha and Veronica with Hestia take on the streets of New York City.

Hestia, a small white and black Japanese Chin, stands next to a woman wearing a red sugar skull dress getting food from a breakfast buffet.

What do I get for breakfast?

A woman wearing a turquoise flamingo dress pushes a shopping cart as a small white and black Japanese Chin prances alongside her.

Shopping is fun!

In a studio family portrait, Windy (a woman with red hair and glasses in a purple patterned shirt) stands, Rob (a man in a gray-tan blazer wearing glasses) sits and smiles broadly, and Eva (a black and white poodle in a white service dog harness) sits on a chair in the front between the two.

Eva shows off her family.

On a sidewalk with the bright sun on their backs, a brick building on the left, and a small parking lot on the right, Windy stands posed with Eva for a picture. Windy is a woman wearing a purple t-shirt and Eva is a black and white poodle in a white service dog harness. It was voting day.

Windy and Eva are off to the polls.