Service dog pics 2018

These are our community’s 2018 service dog photos. You can read the fun captions on the thumbnail pictures, or click on a thumbnail picture to enter a larger “lightbox” pop-out series you can click through (or tap or use keypad arrows to navigate). Enjoy!

Accessibility note: Alt text has been added for those using screenreaders (thanks to those community members who contributed descriptions!). The captions contain different info—often names and context—and are not visible in the lightbox pop-out.


A small Boston Terrier wearing a pink bandana sits looking at the camera. 

Mystique works on her melt-your-heart-with-cuteness face in a pink bandana


A small black and white Boston Terrier wearing a purple service dog in training vest rests on a grey mat in a doctor's office. 

Mystique hangs out at the doctor’s office


Woman with shoulder length blonde hair and bangs, wearing glasses, jeans, and short sleeve lavender, black, and white flowered shirt.  She is holding a white chihuahua/jack russell terrier mix dog with tan ears wearing a black service dog vest with a leash with a service dog sleeve hanging down.  The woman is standing on the right side of the picture with a small waterfall on the left and behind a stream with trees in the background.

Kathy and Lilly on a hike in Pescadero, CA


Woman with long blonde hair pulled back and with bangs and wearing glasses.  Woman is wearing a short sleeve maroon shirt with pink and white flowers.  She is holding a white chihuahua/jack russell terrier mix dog with tan ears wearing a pink service dog vest.  The dog is looking at the fish from inside of a tunnel of a large tank.  There is a railing at the level of the dog’s feet.  You can see some fish directly above the woman’s head.

Kathy and Lilly at Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, CA


White Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix dog with tan ears, with a purple collar and a service dog vest.  She is standing on a sandy beach with her front paws up on a large rock looking at the camera.  There are paw prints in the sand.

Lilly in Pacific Grove, CA


Young man stands in front of a green PSDP poster holding ribbons next to fluffy black and white smiling service dog.

Avery and Bela are proud to earn training ribbons at the convention!


Black and white service dog wears large pumpkin costume, looking up at laughing handler standing in front of parked car.

Bela has transformed into a pumpkin, surprising Avery!


Fluffy black, white, and brown service dog smiles at camera—showing teeth!

Bela is happy to work!


Man with a huge beard sits in his power wheelchair.  He is wearing a purple blazer, taupe scarf, red plaid hat, and red plaid blanket.

The ever stylish Brad!


Veronica, a woman with long brown curly hair wearing a blue butterfly dress, holds a small black and white Japanese Chin service dog named Hestia, in a red vest.  Brad, a thin but heavily bearded man in a red blazer and blue scarf sits in a power wheelchair next to them.  They pose under a long walkway awning next to a “vote here” sign.

The Morris family—Veronica, Hestia, and Brad here—knows the importance of voting!


Patti, a woman with reddish brown hair and pink shirt, speaking at the Conway Noon Lions club about service dogs with Izzy, a red merle tri Miniature Australian Shepherd, under the table.

Patti and Izzy at the Conway Noon Lions Club, educating as always


An older woman with her mini Aussie Shepherd service dog smiles with a happy girl scout troop

Patti and Izzy with a girl scout troop


Patti, a long-haired middle-aged woman, sits on the grass with Micah Russell, a red tri Miniature Australian Shepherd service dog in training, and Izzy, a dog who is resting her chin on Patti's knee at a local festival with other service dog handlers.

Patti, Izzy, and Micah Russell at a festival with other handlers


A brown-haired young boy wears a camo jacket and sits in backseat of a black car with a white large dog with a black marking on her ear and a black nose.

Brendan and Gracie are going for a ride in the car


Young boy wearing a black jacket and pants walks a large white dog with black markings on her ear.  The dog is wearing a camo vest that has a psych dog patch with other assorted service dog patches with a crochet rose hanging from vest handle. They are on a garden path.

Gracie gives Brendan the ability to explore his world


Bunny, a woman with short white hair and wearing a grey tank top and black pants, holds a black and tan Miniature Pinscher named Ouija. The dog is wearing a harness with service dog patches. They are standing in front of paintings in an art gallery.

Bunny and Ouija love visiting the museum!


Bunny and Ouija posing in front of art easels with Bunny’s niece Kristin who has brown medium length hair put up in a sloppy bun.  She is wearing a black and white plaid shirt and glasses.

The best art is art that is created together—like the art of Bunny and Ouija’s relationship


A black and tan miniature pinscher wearing a pink harness with Psychiatric Service Dog Partners patch and in training patch sitting in a car with a hearing dog patch on a black bag in the background.

Ouija’s patches show off her many talents


Charlie is a black Border Collie mix with a white chest.  Her right ear sticks out while her left ear flops down as she smiles for the camera at Cedar Point, America’s Roller Coast, a theme park in northern Ohio. On this pleasantly overcast day, people are walking behind Charlie as a blue and white roller coaster twists through the background.  In the distance, through the trees, there is the blue and white Cedar Point water tower. 

Charlie enjoys watching the strange humans on roller coasters!


A young woman in her thirties, whose blonde hair is a little wild with static electricity from the orange, tan, and blue nylon hammock she is in, cuddles with service dog, Finn. Finn is a sweet, English Cream Golden Retriever pup, with deep, dark eyes, and big floppy ears, and Sarah is smiling with her eyes closed in complete contentedness because of the softness of his downy fur.

Finn and Sarah in a hammock


Travis sits in a shaded spot on the grass, cross-legged, with Finn on his lap, as they both smile, looking up at the camera. Travis is a young man in his twenties with short brown hair and light stubble on his face. Finn is a 6-month-old English Cream Golden Retriever.

Travis and Finn on the day they met


In the background, there's a woodpile in front of a green wall. Beside the wall is a tree towering over a green, deciduous bush. Centered in front is a 4 month old Standard Poodle service dog in training, sitting beside, and looking up to, a smiling, solidly built brown-haired woman wearing a blue-green bandana on her head and a red hoodie that says "America" over an American flag.

Summer looks up at Rebecca, proud to be her service dog in training!


Rebecca, a woman wearing a teal shirt, is lying down against a pillow leaning against a small window and talking to Summer, a young service dog in training lying on top of Rebecca. Not far above is the RV ceiling.

Rebecca and Summer, showing how deep pressure therapy is done


A small, young apricot Standard Poodle wears a service dog in training bandana, which reaches past mid-back because she's still so small. The dog is alone in the picture on a booth seat at a table in a crowded old RV, looking up at the photographer.

Summer is happy her first day in her new home


A woman in a turquoise shirt and hat holds the leash of a Shetland Sheepdog in front of a river bank.

Yvie and Elaine vacationing in Québec by the St. Lawrence


A woman in a blue top and green hat sits around a campfire during the day with a brown and white Shetland Sheepdog.

Yvie and Elaine vacationing at a campground in Maine


Tao, a black and white Labrador Retriever and Border Collie mix, and Deja, red gold Dachsador, in the back of an open hatchback vehicle

Tao and Deja show off their Jeep puppy cave


Head on photo of Arlo, a white medium-sized vested golden retriever puppy, lying on elevated sidewalk with his front paws dangling. He holds a stern face, looking like he is taking himself a little too seriously for how small and young of a puppy he is. He only hardly fits into his adult-sized vest.

Puppy Arlo tries on his too-big SDIT vest


Puppy Arlo is lying down in a public area with a happy and goofy smile on his face--clearly enjoying his time with his working-dog-vest on!

Arlo is the picture of puppy confidence!


Closeup shot of a white golden retriever looking right at the camera at an angle that makes his nose and open mouth, tongue splayed out, all look oversized. A woman with her hair pulled back leans in horizontally at the top of the photo. She wears a green shirt and matches his goofy smile.

Lauren and Arlo smile at the camera


Eva, a black and white standard poodle with a pink vest, sits on Windy's lap.  Windy is a red haired woman wearing a pink shirt and jeans.

Eva giving Windy deep pressure therapy


Black and white standard poodle wearing a pink vest lies on a dog bed.

Eva looks pretty in pink!


A black and white Standard Poodle stands on her back legs with her front legs across a seated, smiling woman's torso. The woman holds a certificate and wears a blue shirt, jeans, ball cap, and glasses, with a festive, photo-ready set of red and green holiday decorations in the background.

Eva and Windy graduating obedience class


Ruby, a Golden Retriever, and emotional support cat, Camille, cuddle on a bed. Ruby is sleeping and Camille is a grey and white short haired kitty raising her paw lazily as if to wave.   

Ruby and Camille catching some Zs


A Golden Retriever models a teal and rainbow vest with a big smile in front of brick and greenery.

Ruby shows off her pretty vest


An old, deep red golden retriever with a white face lies facing the camera with a smile. 

Trixie is retired, but she still looks great!


A grey and brown haired woman wearing a black shirt gives bunny ears to a man with a beard wearing green.  Her other arm is holding a black Belgian Shepherd with a red service dog vest on.

Elaine and Dash give Elaine’s son bunny ears!


A long-brown-haired woman wears a blue butterfly dress, holding a small black and white dog with the Washington Monument reflecting across the reflecting pool in the background.  The sky behind them is an amazing blue with little streaks of clouds.

Veronica and Hestia see the sights in Washington DC after an advocacy meeting


A brown-haired woman wearing a red dress and a big floppy straw hat holds a small black and white dog up, which is wearing a red vest.  A large horse is leaning over a fence to sniff the dog up close as a man with the horse looks on with interest; he's wearing late 19th century American South farm apparel.

All animals seem to like horsing around with Hestia!


A woman with long brown hear wears an orange and pink dress, holding a small black and white dog, as they stand in front of a large statue that spells “HOPE” in a 2 by 2 block of red letters.

Veronica and Hestia, giving HOPE to others after expert witnessing in New York City


Taro, a blue brindle Pit Bull, looks up curiously during an October cocktail reception. She's donned a blue service dog vest and sporting a Halloween-themed bandana.

Taro loves her work!


A blue brindle pit bull stands stately on the beach with body in profile and head open-eyed toward the camera, wearing a white bridal veil.

Taro in her wedding veil


A blue brindle pit bull lies calmly in the grass next to a toddler, who is busy finding a few fallen leaves.

Taro reminds us that Pit Bulls were once called “nanny dogs”


Roger, a red Golden Retriever, looks pensive as he waits. He is looking out at a parking lot and the part of his nylon guide dog harness that is on-camera is mostly hidden under his long hair.

Roger waits for a Lyft


A man in a blue shirt sits next to a woman with fluffy brown hair.  She is holding two Miniature Pinschers in her arms.

Deanna, Chris, and their two Min Pins Maxwell Smart and Jaxon T.


Woman reclining in a hospital bed wearing a green gown and a green blanket.  A Miniature Pinscher lies next to her.

During Deanna’s recent knee replacement surgery, Maxwell kept her calm and collected and mentally safe


Two Miniature Pinschers sitting in a silver wrapped present box with a couple of evergreen trees in the background.

Jaxson T. and Maxwell Smart in a gift box for their family photo