Every December, community members send in their photos so we can collect them on PSDP’s Community Photos page for that year. The last day to send them in is December 31st. If you feel a part of the PSDP community, we welcome you to follow the guidelines in the call-to-action below to join in!

Hestia peeking over table

We’re looking for your best pictures from this year!.

How to be included

Send in your best shot from this year to the email address that reads “veronica.m.psdp [at] gmail [dot] com” right now if you have it. If you don’t have it, just snap it and send it by the end of the year. Definitely don’t send more than three!

Inspiring out-in-the-world pics, artistic out-of-this-world shots, or just traditional portraits…we want to show off you and your beautiful working dog to the interwebs. Team shots are great for most of us—especially shots of your dog working—but super-shy folks can limit pics to your pretty pooch, and we love to see the as-yet dogless community members, too! 🙂

Please include a 1–2 sentence description of each picture so it’s easy for us to share the content with our blind and low-vision community members. Pretend you’re giving a physical description of the scene to a stranger—describe who’s in the shot, outfits, colors, sizes, background, what’s happening, etc. Avoid: jargon, abbreviations, “me” or “I” language, and using names without describing what the person or dog looks like.

Good: “Gilda, a short woman with shoulder-length red hair wearing an off-white cable sweater and jeans, sits in a somewhat crowded, lavendar-walled medical office waiting room decorated with abstract art. Her young golden retriever, Rocket, wears a guide harness and sits facing her with his head lovingly resting in her lap, eyes looking up at Gilda’s face.”

Not so good: “Me with my PSDIT Rocket CGC.”


Obligatory fine print: We will post a selection of entries online for the world to see. We may edit pictures (see below) and, if they’re awesome, use them for other stuff we think’ll help the world. Submitting pictures means you’re okay with us using our good judgment to do these things without restriction. It also means you’ve gotten any needed permission from the photographer and subject(s). Thanks!

Naomi, a woman wrapped in winter garb, poses with a black Lab named Liesl in parked car with a blurry whiteness outside the window; the picture is shown in a graphic on a phone

Sometimes we take your original photo…


Naomi, a woman with rosy cheeks and wrapped in winter garb, poses with a black Lab named Liesl in parked car with a snowy tree outside the window; the picture is shown in a graphic on a phone, with kelly green filing the extra screen space

…and enhance it before posting!