Giving Groups Archive

Here’s you’ll find our earlier Giving Groups. Enjoy—we hope to see you in a Giving Group this year!

Graphic: rounded, 3-D green rectangle with black words and PSDP dog and human nose-touch logo. Text: Giving Groups, Puppy Pack $10–$25, Training Troop $26–$50, Tail Waggers $51–100, Canine Champs $101–$250, Top Dogs $251–$500, Best in Show 500+ USD

2016 Giving Group Members

Puppy Pack ($10–$25)

Anonymous  Joyce Morse  Judy Nguyen & Taro  Chris Thompson  Bruce Weimer  Windy Williamson & Thaddeus and Tibodaux  Jeanne Witter

Training Troop ($26–$50)

Anonymous (x5)  Murray Campbell  Teresa Pratt

Tail Waggers ($51–$100)


Canine Champs ($101–$250)

Aubrey & Skylar  Elaine J. & Dash (best in group)  Lauralee

Top Dogs ($251–$500)

Anonymous  Lorrie & Rob Morris (best in breed)

Best in Show (over $500)



2015 PSDP Giving Group levels detailed

2015 Giving Group Members

Puppy Pack (up to $15)

Anonymous  Chris Cummins

Training Troop ($15–$30)

Anonymous (x 3, 1 best in breed)  Justin G. Mikél

Tail Waggers ($31–$50)

Anonymous (x 4)  Heather Walker  Susan & Tiki

Canine Champs ($51–$100)

Anonymous (x 2) • David Vaillancourt (best in breed)  Melanie Jannery  Paul Tamate • Deanna Thompson (best in breed)

Top Dogs ($101–$250)

Elaine J. & Dash (best in group) • Lee Triplett

Best in Show (over $250)

Anonymous • Lauralee (best in group) • Lorrie & Robby Morris (best in breed)  Menule Marketing—Anaoffer team  Rowe family

special designations
Best in Breed: repeat givers in a year
Best in Group: automatic/recurring gifts