Here we collect samples of #ServiceDogArt creations for your enjoyment and inspiration. We hope you have a good time creating something fun, meaningful, or both!

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How does a service dog team get involved with learning/education?



How could a service dog team get involved with nature or bring sunshine into your life?



How does a service dog team join in summer traditions and celebrations?

Graphic with text. Picture: Smiling woman with long brown hair crouching on grass holding small black and white dog wearing a yellow vest, with blue and silver pinwheels around them; the distant background is digitally drawn as if three cartoon fireworks have exploded. Text in lower left: #ServiceDogArt

For Veronica and Hestia, having a blast is a breeze in the summer!


What’s your favorite service dog gear?



How does a service dog increase diversity or socialization in its team’s life?

Bearded man in power wheelchair hand-holds and dances with a long-haired woman in a bright yellow blouse and bright salmon skirt, with a leash around her body and a small, vested, black and white dog next to her. A kelly green backdrop with a PSDP banner is in the background.

Brad, Veronica, and Hestia dance at the 2018 PSDP Convention



What could a service dog team do more of, if they could meet up with other teams or people with disabilities?



How are service dog team members lucky to have each other?



What would a valentine from or to a service dog be like?

Avery and medium-sized dog Bela sit inside a very large statue spelling "LOVE", in red, with the L and a leaning O on top of the V and E.

Avery and Bela in LOVE

Digital drawing: Salmon-colored background, Bernese Mountain Dog wearing rainbow service dog vest labeled "SERVICE UNICORN"

“Service unicorn” drawing by Art2 D2



What can a service dog do for New Year’s resolutions?

Veronica Morris maintained her resolution to work on her dog’s heel training, documenting it in several blog posts like this one:




How does a service dog get involved in Winter howliday traditions or celebrations?

Nick, a man with a long gray beard and hair, wears a maroon t-shirt and a necklace of multi-colored holiday lights. It is nighttime and he stands in the road for a parade with three husky-like dogs, one of them his service dog Tanka, one of them wearing a red cape.



How does a service dog team care for each other or show thanks?

With joy and kisses

Two lab-like dogs sleeping on the couch together very comfortably, a smaller tan one's head and front paw on top of a larger black dog's shoulder region.

Service dog prospect learns through service dog osmosis how to *shoulder* the workload—doesn’t *wither* from responsibility…



How can a service dog make you laugh—or be cutely costumed for Howloween? Bonus points for matching your dog!

Meme text: "Service dog training it's full of surprises" Photo: standard poodle service dog turning his head with flying ears and whale eye as the train unexpectedly approaches

Text: Service with a smile ("smile" text in a smile shape). Picture: Phoenix, a mostly black lab-like dog, sits on grass and looks up with her tongue hanging far out.

Phoenix, a mostly black lab-like dog, sports a full-body lobster costume; the artificially added background is a beach at sunset, with Phoenix in the water at the edge of the incoming tide

Skylar, a golden doodle with medium-length hair, sits on the sidewalk and looks into the sun as she wear a sequined witch hat with candy-corn colors on the top cone, a neon orange and yellow wig, a teal service dog in training vest, and a neon orange and yellow crenoline skirt.

Black frame around this text: This month's #PSDPrompt is how your service dog makes you laugh. A change in diet caused my first service dog, Sabrina, to become gassy. She always farted during my population biology statistics class. Sometimes students would have to get up to move away her farts were so smelly! We called them "death farts". While not funny at the time, looking back it was pretty hilarious!

Drawing of silver service dog with toxic gas leaking out. A row of chairs with Veronica saying "oh no!", Another person plugging their nose saying "pee eww", and the teacher saying "Sabrina!"

Veronica wears a wizard hat and shirt that says "Muggle", while holding a wand in one hand and Hestia in the other. Hestia, a small black and white dog, wears a headless horseman costume on her back.

Gigi, a black mini-poodle, wears a costume with a unicorn head and a princess riding her back

Gigi, a black mini-poodle, wears a costume with a unicorn head and a princess riding her back

In front of a melange of apples and pears in a grocery store, Brad sits in a wheelchair with a shopping basket in his lap and a chocolate-chip-like hat on his head. Veronica, her arm around Brad, smiles in a purple wizard hat with coordinating shirt and skirt, while holding Hestia, a small black and white dog. Hestia is costumed as a bee.



How could a service dog bring sunshine into your life?

Picture: young woman on a beach, smiling with a service dog. Text: "How do you fight major depressive disorder? Doggedly."

from Jennifer on the Peer Guidance Group

digital painting in browns and pink of a large-eyed, long-haired chihuahua

from @Ninjathecoyote via Twitter