Personal Impact Refresh

How have PSDP’s resources or community helped you? Here’s your chance to give people a feel for your story in this year’s refresh of our popular Personal Impact pages!

It was a lot of fun last year to hear from everyone and to bring together individuals’ personal stories of the impact PSDP has had in their lives. Click through for the story snippets on the current page to see how it all gelled together!

If you want to pay it forward, follow these steps and you won’t be bored. November 21st is the date, beyond which you would be late!

Hestia's face close up 10151. Send 2–3 of the best pictures from around this year of you and your dog, or just your dog. We love using pictures, candid or not, that either are in a distinctive setting/time of year, feature a distinctive activity, or have a pleasing composition.

If you’re feeling gung-ho, get creative, plan an activity + photo session with a camera-friendly friend, and have fun getting nice shots that’ll impress! 🙂

2. Write 1-3 paragraphsno more than a page—about PSDP’s impact in your life. This works best if you specifically refer to at least one PSDP activity or resource, such as the convention, certain pages on our site, listserv guidance, etc.

In writing your story, think about what’s distinctive about your situation or journey; what kind of texture does your life have that others on our site might identify with or enjoy hearing about? How has your life changed over time, including the changes that have come from having PSDP around to help? Keep the focus on your development over time.

3. Include your name and your dog’s name (first names only) as you want them to appear on the website.

Please send these directly to us at email screenshotthe email address to the right. If you’re on the listserv, do NOT send this to the list.

Thank you—we want to help, and your stories inspire us!!!