2015 Priorities Survey

The 2015 Priorites Survey closed in September. So let’s go over some of the amazing things that PSDP accomplished between the 2014 and 2015 surveys!

Last year, our priorities (“needs assessment”) survey was very helpful in steering PSDP’s resources in directions important to our community. In line with community members’ priorities in the 10/28/15 results, by 9/1/15 we have:

• researched, fundraised, and done the legwork to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit—and beyond that, earned GuideStar gold status within months!

• maintained and expanded our online support group/listserv to serve the education and support needs of 173 members (current as of the start of the 2015 survey).

• expanded our website by 39 newly published pages, as well as updated the majority of the rest of our 93 pages; our website expansion has been met with increased use. In July 2015, we had 11,532 pageviews (9,366 unique) with an average time on page of 2 minutes 42 seconds. In August, we had 12,869 pageviews (10,746 unique) with an average time on page of 3 minutes 13 seconds. Astounding!

• hosted a fabulous convention in Rock Hill, SC, with an average session rating of 4.64/5 and comments like:

I don’t think the planners could have done a better job—this was simply a grand slam! I can’t believe the conventions keep getting better and better, but it seems like the planning is really keyed in to the specific needs of our community. It makes me want to do everything possible to get to next year’s convention!!!

advocated with community help to majorly improve Michigan legislation and über-important VA regulations.


Thanks so much to our community for your input and other help in getting us so far!