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Chances are, you have someone close to you who’s struggled with mental illness—maybe it’s even you. The horizon can look bleak through the fog of that struggle. We all need a ray of hope to burn through that fog and transport us to brighter lives.

To me PSDP is an integral part of the light that brings me hope especially during my darkest days. (from Justin43’s review on GreatNonprofits)

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (PSDP) works at many levels to enable individuals with psychiatric disabilities to lead more independent and empowered lives, and the most intensely focused of these is through our annual convention. In this truly unique experience, service dog teams gather from far and wide to learn, grow, and simply relax together with those who “get it”.

Imagine feeling like an absurdly solitary ceramic tile in the middle of a hardwood floor, then for a brief moment out of the year, you suddenly feel like you’ve been expertly joined with other tiles. Laughter and tears are shared, and each time loving participants wish the special time would last longer or come again sooner. In our anonymouHelp Psychiatric Service Dog Partners raise money!s post-convention surveys, sentiments like these reverberate throughout:

I loved how open and honest everyone was—and non judgmental

Thank you so much for the best part of my year!

You can help build bridges to healthier lives for people. You can make a focused, practical, serious impact in the lives of grateful and deserving individuals who choose to take an active role in their stability and recovery through the power of service dogs.

Choose to fund our life-changing convention, and choose to empower Dogs Saving Lives.


Contributions designated “convention” go toward the event and then getting people there. For more information on our conventions, please visit:

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