2017 Convention


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Margie Cantwell & Jack are in the picture above. Thanks also to our anonymous donors whose gifts have made a striking difference, and to our invaluable volunteers whose passion lights the way.

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Four service dog teams smile amicably on a clear day.

The 2017 convention will find us again among the friendly faces of Rock Hill, South Carolina! Rock Hill is just over the Carolina border from the Charlotte, NC Airport, recently announced as the sixth busiest in the world and fifth in the nation (cheaper flights—but book early!). The convention will take place sandwiching the first weekend in April.

We’ll return to the lovely lodging of the Hilton Garden Inn for our convention, within walking distance of a breadth of eateries, a shopping center, and a large park. Plan to arrive Friday, March 31st for the welcome meeting that night (attendance expected) and leave Monday, April 3rd (officially scheduled activities run into Sunday night).

PSDP conventions are times to share memorable experiences with fellow service dog handlers through workshops, training, and support. For a taste of what they’re like, enjoy the pictures and video from previous conventions, as well as previous convention schedules.


Registration closed on February 28th. Visit our 2017 Convention Registration page for the details.

Info packet

Every week or so leading up to the convention, we feature new info packet sections below. Keep checking back to stay up-to-date! The whole info packet is available at the following link, and will be provided at the convention:

2017 Convention Info Packet


3/24/17: Upon Arrival

The stress of travel is not only felt by you, but also your dog. We highly recommend that when you arrive, before joining in with whatever the group is doing, you take a minute and relax with your dog. You have no obligation to check in with any social groups you may see on your way in, and everyone understands if you don’t. Water yourself and your dog, maybe take a quiet walk together, or enjoy a power nap. Make sure that you and your dog are relaxed. This will help you and your dog have a better time, and will make it easier for your dog to focus on you instead of on the many other service dog teams there!


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Our 2016 convention was rated 4.741/5 overall by convention-goers! They had the following to pass along to those considering joining us in the future:

“Everyone and everypup were so nice and welcoming.”

“I absolutely LOVED the convention! I feel like the people there understand me better than anyone else on Earth. I am able to be myself, and not have to worry about educating everyone about service dogs. It’s a nice break from the stress of my everyday life. Everyone is so supportive and accepting. I can relax and be at home with friends, new and old.”

“I’ve been going to PSDP conventions since they started, and each time I think they can’t get better—each time I’m wrong! I love to welcome newbies to share in the unique learning and social opportunities. It’s way less scary the first time than many people imagine, and you’ll be looking forward to future conventions with new friends! :)”

“Attending the PSDP convention energized me by connecting me to my community, educating me on advocacy, and giving me more information on techniques to train my SD.”

“Attending the convention was well worth all the hassles of traveling. I came to the convention not knowing anyone and left with a group of new friends.”

“Conventions are a place where I belong. The people are so understanding and supportive. I wouldn’t miss one for the world!”

“This is a wonderful event, full of good people and good dogs. Perfection is not required, and I found a lot of support in training the things we needed to work on. Thank you for the best part of my year!”

We look forward to spreading similar smiles across faces new and old at our next convention!