Peer Guidance Group (Listserv)

We are often asked whether there is a book someone can read to learn everything there is to know about service dogs. There is no book like that! However, you can do even better by talking with people in an online service dog support group.

In our psychiatric service dog education/guidance/support group, people who have trained their own psychiatric service dogs help others with advice and feedback about dog training and the service dog lifestyle. PSDP’s service dog support group is free and takes the form of a “listserv”.

In addition to offering the best and most tailored advice around, the listserv is a great source of support and friendship. The founders of PSDP wouldn’t have gotten together had they not connected via a listserv. On the listserv, peers can ask for and share advice on any subject related to service dogs, from how to train a piece of work or a task, to how to interact with the public, to how to travel with your service dog, etc.


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How it works…

The listserv has an email address. Anytime you want to say something to the group, you email this email address and the message automatically gets deposited in the inboxes of everyone who is signed up. To join in a conversation, just hit reply and your message will get distributed to all the listserv members’ inboxes.

One feature of our service dog peer guidance group is that there are many email messages that come through each day. As of this writing, we average somewhere over 50 emails a day, but it is not unheard of to get 100 in a day. This volume means you are likely to get a good amount of help, but it also requires a strategic approach.

To prevent list emails from overflowing their inboxes, most community members create a special folder in their email program for the messages to get automatically deposited in. Other people create an email address just for the listmail. If you do this, we recommend gmail as it can group messages by topic, making it easier to follow the thread of conversation.

How to join…

In order to become a member of the PSDP psychiatric service dog peer guidance group (listserv), call Veronica Morris at (805) 876-4256 or use our contact form via our Contact Us page.

Generally, prospective listmembers must have a psychiatric disability and will have, have had, or currently have a psychiatric service dog. The dog can be program-trained, owner-trained, or anything in between. Prospective listmembers must be approved by phone before being added to the listserv. We do not have a listserv for professional trainers or healthcare providers at this point.

We hope to see you on the list soon!

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