Dollars for Dogs Saving Lives

Your assistance is needed in April!

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (PSDP) is lovingly led by an all-volunteer group of people with decades of personal and leadership experience with psychiatric service dogs. This group came together under the PSDP banner a few years ago to help both the general public and those struggling with mental illness by providing expert guidance, reliable information, and life-saving support related to psychiatric service dogs.
This organization has such wide-reaching effects in people’s lives, from educating business owners about disability access rights and responsibilities, to enabling people not just to stay alive but to engage in the world. PSDP would love to count you among its patrons, amplifying these impacts and the good in the world. Will you help?
Here’s your chance! In April, PSDP is reaching out to you to meet the fundraising goal for their long-anticipated 501(c)(3) filing, so they can better meet stakeholders’ needs and so your future donations will be tax-exempt. Please give as your heart and mind compel you; any extra lays the foundation for PSDP’s next all-volunteer efforts!
Donate via PayPal or check when you’re ready. Just note it’s for “nonprofit status” when you contribute. Thank you so much for lifting us to the next level!

Want to know the difference between a psychiatric service dog and an emotional support animal? Or the difference between a psychiatric service dog and a therapy dog? Maybe you want to understand the ADA rights of businesses, or the ADA rights of service dog handlers—including how you can owner-train your dog to mitigate your disability.

We have the answers to these questions and much, much more about service dogs and psychiatric service dogs. Find them by exploring our extensive and ever-growing information trove!

To begin, click on a topic or icon on the navigation bar anchored atop every page, and if you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners’ purpose is to promote the mental health of people using service dogs for psychiatric disabilities by educating, advocating, providing expertise, facilitating peer support, and promoting responsible service dog training and handling.

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (PSDP) works toward its mission by providing the public information on this website, hosting a private support listserv, holding an annual convention for PSD handlers, consulting with other groups and policymakers, and making presentations and media appearances. PSDP does not provide dogs, train dogs, or certify service dog teams.


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